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Is a licensed chiropractor with Life With Harmony in Danville, CA. She received her degree from Life Chiropractic College West. Dr. Nicole specializes in Network Spinal Analysis and other low force techniques. She also incorporates essential oils and breathing techniques into her practice. Her work focuses on decreasing the tension in the nervous system by increasing self-awareness and increasing breath motion, thereby enhancing the body's innate ability to heal and express itself optimally.

With specific reference to pregnant mothers, Dr. Nicole also teaches HypnoBirthing® to further enhance the body's innate ability to work in neuro-muscular harmony. HypnoBirthing® is a series of childbirth classes designed to empower the mother to have the natural childbirth she chooses. For more information please click on the HypnoBirthing® button above.

Dr. Nicole Valega DC, HBCE
390 Diablo Rd. Suite 115
Danville, CA 94526



Network - A light touch technique that allows the brain to drop out of defense physiology, observe itself more effectively & make a constructive change in a state of peace. It employs the application of low force contacts to the spine to help shift the nervous system from stress and defense into safety and growth.

Essential Oils - The molecules of essential oils set up vibrations in specific corresponding areas of the system. They help to rebalance the body, mind & spirit and further enhance the body's innate ability to heal and express itself optimally.

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) - A breathing technique that helps in connecting to natural rhythms and a greater depth of awareness of the body's cues.

Wellness Living - In addition to the above, there are four other areas that are crucial in supporting health and wellness: nutrition, environment, fitness, and rest & relaxation. Each of these is individually significant, as well as mutually dependent, so all are taken into account in how best to realize the goal of wellness.


Adults - Human beings are designed for motion. It is through motion that the spinal joints get nutrition and the joint-brain pathways get stimulated to improve brain and body function. Proper spinal movement allows for information to flow more optimally, thus increasing overall health and well-being and decreasing dis-ease and stress.

Pregnant Women - Her body is now functioning for two, so it is essential that all her systems be functioning optimally to provide greater health potential for baby and mother. A part of this is to help establish balance in the mother's pelvis so that the developing baby can be in an ideal position, and to allow for the optimum passage of the baby during birth. This includes creating balance in the uterus so a baby in a breech position can turn and get into the appropriate head down position. SRI can also be particularly helpful in developing a trust in the body's cues and the inner wisdom during pregnancy and labor.

Children - It is important for all children to get their nervous systems checked. In utero the nervous system is the first thing to develop, and during childhood, growth is occurring at a phenomenal rate. To a large extent, the basic patterns of how an individual perceives and reacts to the environment are laid down during gestation, infancy & early childhood. When stress in the nervous system is reduced, the body's innate abilities are optimized and your child can more efficiently respond to the internal and external stresses he/she may come in contact with.


"Always Share Awareness"

Create an understanding of how physical, chemical & emotional stresses, both past and present, play a pivotal role in our physiology.

Promote self-awareness of spinal structures: gross & subtle movement of spinal structures, spinal & somatic tension patterns, responses to stress, and associated respiratory changes.

Establish neural integrity to promote neural effectiveness and improve body's ability to self organize.

Decrease tension in the body, increase the innate ability to process stresses and heal itself, and increase the overall quality of life.

Health is a state of optimal physical, mental & spiritual well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

The nervous system controls and coordinates function of all the systems of the body: circulation, respiration, digestion, hormonal, eliminative, and immune systems. Any aspect of health may be impaired by nerve interference. The chiropractic adjustment restores nervous system function, allowing the body the ability to express a greater state of health and well-being.

"Real wellness comes from the steady reinforcement of the body's own natural drive to heal itself."


Because I honor the inborn potential of everyone to be truly healthy.
Because I desire to help the newborn, the aged and those without hope.
Because I choose to care for the person with the disease, not the disease.
Because I wish to assist rather than intrude, to free rather than control.
Because I seek to correct the cause, not the effect.
Because I know that doctors do not heal, only the body can heal itself.
Because I have been called on to serve others.
Because I want to make a difference.
Because everyday I get to witness miracles, because I know it is right.

Chiropractic and the other services offered are not a treatment for disease. We offer these services as a form of health and wellness care to promote natural mechanisms for self-healing by decreasing the stress in the nervous system.